CHISEL FREE Slimline--Chisel Free Small Slimline Exotics and Additional Wood Inlays (0805S Series)

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These Small Slimline Inlays are CHISEL FREE.
Due to wood's natural characteristics, products may differ slightly from item(s) show. Inlays in each package may also differ.

Chisel Free Small Slimline Inlays--3 Pack (fits 0805S Template):
  • Description: Precision Cut Inlays
  • Choose you Chisel Free Small Slimline Inlay species
Chisel Free Small Slimline Inlay Sizes--sizes to the nearest fraction:
  • Small Slimline Inlays: 3.283" x 0.868" x 0.25" thick

 Use in conjunction with:

Main Frame, Whiteside Down Cut Router Bit, Whiteside Guide Bushing with Centering Pin, and Custom Made Router Sub-Base are SOLD SEPARATELY.