A close up view of what comes in a Slab Stitcher Master Packs Starter Kit

Slab Stitcher™ Master Packs Starter Kits

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Slab Stitcher Starter Kits

Choosing one of our Slab Stitcher Starter Kits is a great way to start your Inlay journey with Slab Stitcher.

Slab Stitcher Starter Kits come with everything you need to get started with the Slab Stitcher Inlay System, including: 

  • Main Frame
  • Guild Bushing (manufactured to our specifications)
  • Spiral Down Cut Router Bit

Our Master Pack Starter Kits include even more. Each Master Pack Starter Kit comes with four Templates in varying sizes and two Inlays for each size Template.

The Build Your Own Starter Kit is a great way to make Slab Stitcher your own Kit. Once you order a Build Your Own Starter Kit, add any of our Expansion Packs to customize your Kit.