Bowtie--Large Bowtie Two-Tone Inlays (1112L Series)

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Some chiseling is required on tight corners to give a hand worked effect

Create any number of combinations but mixing and matching different species of wood for a one-of-a-kind look. We recommend choosing two different species of wood.

Large Bowtie Two-Tone Inlays--3 Pack (fits 1112L Template):
  • Description: Precision Cut Inlays
  • Choose your large Bowtie Two-Tone Inlay species
Large Bowtie Two-Tone Inlay Measurements--sizes the the nearest fraction:
  • Large Bowtie Two-Tone Inlays: 3" x 1.271" x 0.25" thick
Use in conjunction with:

Main Frame, Expansion Packs, Whiteside Down Cut Router Bit, Whiteside Guide Bushing with Centering Pin, and Custom Made Router Sub-Base are SOLD SEPARATELY.