X Stitch--Large X Stitch Inlays (Original X Stitch)

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For best results, orient the grain of the X Stitch Inlays 90 degrees to the crack.
X Stitch Inlays are chisel free.
Due to wood's natural characteristics, products may differ slightly from item(s) show. Inlays in each package may also differ.

Large X Stitch Inlays--3 Pack (Original X Stitch):
  • Description: Precision Cut Inlays
  • Choose your Large X Stitch Inlay species and thickness
Large X Stitch Inlay Measurements--sizes to the nearest fraction:
  • Large X Stitch Inlays: 2.87" x 2.87"
Use in conjunction with:
Main Frame, Whiteside Down Cut Router Bit, Whiteside Guide Bushing with Centering Pin, and Custom Made Router Sub-Base are SOLD SEPARATELY.