Slab Stitcher™ SedgeBell Master Pack Starter Kits (BS0720 Series)

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Our SedgeBell Master Pack Starter Kits have everything you need to join or inlay wood slabs with SedgeBell inlays like a master woodworker. The Slab Stitcher™  SedgeBell Master Pack is a perfect fit for hobbyists, artisans, and production shops looking to complete their own SedgeBell inlay project without worrying about building their own kit. Our solution was literally created out of the need to quickly and easily create high-quality slab stitches and inlays. We want you to enjoy the process just as much as the final product, so choose an inlay material (multiple variants available) and get stitching. You can expand any starter kit by adding any of our Expansion Packs

Does your Router Base hold a Guide Bushing? If not, purchase one of our Router Sub-Bases.
Due to wood's natural characteristics, products may differ slightly from item(s) show. Inlays in each package may also differ.

    Slab Stitcher™ SedgeBell Master Pack Starter Kits includes:

    • Main Frame
    • X-Small SedgeBell Template (BS0720XS)
    • Small SedgeBell Template (BS0720S)
    • Medium SedgeBell Template (BS0720M)
    • Large SedgeBell Template (BS0720L)
    • Two (2) 1/4" X-Small SedgeBell Inlays (fits BS0720XS Template)
    • Two (2) 1/4" Small SedgeBell Inlays (fits BS0720S Template)
    • Two (2) 1/4" Medium SedgeBell Inlays (fits BS0720M Template)
    • Two (2) Large SedgeBell Inlays (fits Bs0720L Template)
    • Guide Bushing with Centering Pin (manufactured to our specifications)
    • Spiral Down Cut Router Bit

      SedgeBell Inlay measurements:

      • X-Small SedgeBell Inlay: 2.57" x 0.679"
      • Small SedgeBell Inlay: 3.283" x 0.868"
      • Medium SedgeBell Inlay: 4" x 1.057"
      • Large SedgeBell Inlays: 4.687" x 1.25"
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