About Slab Stitcher

Family Owned and Operated

Dwayne and Jennifer live in Central Pennsylvania with their children, all involved in the production and distribution of Slab Stitcher. As a family-run business, their passion for their people and their products are seen and felt in every order they pack. The kids even get to tag along to the “office” and learn all the tricks of the trade from Dwayne and Jennifer.

Meet the dream team behind it all

Dwayne and Jennifer

Dwayne has been in the woodworking field since the young age of 8. His mother owned a craft business, and he was exposed to the wonders of wood from a young age.

Jennifer is the friendly voice you will speak with for all customer service inquiries. She helps with everything from packing orders and carefully shipping them to their new homes to answering DMs on Instagram and customer emails.

When you connect with this team, there is no doubt you will feel the passion behind what they do. They love to educate novice woodworkers and talk shop with the seasoned pros.

Oh, and be sure to ask them about their REO Speedwagon model.

Innovative Solutions

Slab Stitcher is an inlay product born out of necessity.

Years ago, Dwayne was approached by a friend needing a solution to his problem. His friend owned a woodworking shop and used an ineffective jig to stitch his cuts. Dwayne knew he could create something for his friend that was much more exact and easy to use. His original model of the Slab Stitcher was born then and there.

Shortly after, Dwayne offered his inlay template to other local shops as a resource to help them complete their projects easier, faster, and affordably. As he continued to share his template, word of mouth quickly spread.

Over those first few months, Dwayne was able to understand how people from all different backgrounds and fields used his tool. He listened to their feedback, continued to improve the product, and eventually landed on the template he now uses and loves.

Today, Slab Stitch is used across the world, for all types of projects from embellishment accents and custom pieces

A Name You Can Trust

Slab Stitcher Logo

Slab Stitcher is today’s leader in inlay kits on the market. If you have a router, a chisel, a piece of wood, and a slab stitcher, there is no doubt you’ll be creating new masterpieces in no time. Slab Stitcher is designed for anyone to pick up and use – regardless of your talent or experience level. 

Our Difference

We place a huge emphasis on customer service and love building relationships with our community. Not only do we provide quality products, but our customer service sets us apart from other inlay producers.

We are thankful for our customers, community, and followers who keep our business moving forward. We are truly blessed to be building the type of company that we want to do business with.

Thank you for being along for the ride!

Family Owned & Operated in Lancaster County, PA

The Slab Stitcher System gives woodworkers of all levels a quick, easy, and fun way to repair or enhance any wooden slab. The Slab Stitcher Starter Pack, along with the proper router accessories, allows you to get started without hassle. With many creative shapes and exciting materials, Slab Stitcher’s inlays and and joiners give you many ways push your creativity and ingenuity! 

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